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Instagram doodle dump: fortune cookie wolves, canaries, d&d


some collab sketches with the super-talentend luis yang

more to come…



I had the great privilege to create illustrations for Adobe Creative Cloud. These images will be used as header art for ​featured learning content on in the near future.

The challenge was to create conceptual, rather than literal, artistic interpretation of tutorial topics and content.

It was a pleasure to work with Art Director, Kendall Plant, and an honor to be in the company of some truly inspired illustrators.

Matty and Collin both got to work on the adobe project as well. They did such a great job with their sets. I especially love Matty’s cool Miami man with the squigs. I have been posting mine individually but I will post my set soon with an update on the specs of the project. Woo Matty! <3 Get it, girl. Check out both of their work!


cat bathroom

art directed this background drawn by YaoYao Ma Van As